Kleenex has a great range of Everyday tissues in different shapes, sizes and designs to suit all of the rooms in your home.

And with Kleenex Silk Touch, they are softer, smoother and gentler than ever before. The fantastic range of pack designs include floral, marine, cute animals and Disney characters for the kids. These contemporary designs will complement either a traditional or modern home décor.

Everyday Range

The Everyday Range of pack sizes includes 170 sheets and 250 sheets, so there’s a pack to suit every family.


Large ‘n’ Thick

3 plies of gentle softness combined with a thicker, stronger, 50% larger tissue. Ideal for anyone who needs a little bit extra in their tissue.



An extra thick, gentle, fragrance-free tissue that’s safe to use on sensitive skin.



Australia’s largest tissue is big, strong and reliable and just perfect for the men around your home. Now Kleenex Mansize tissue is available in a smaller, more compact pack, so you can fit them anywhere inside your home. Now you get two packs but with the same number of sheets as the previous single pack.



Shape and style go together with the unique oval shaped packs of Kleenex Silk Touch tissue, they are softer, smoother and gentler than ever before.


Where to Buy

  • IGA
  • Coles
  • Woolworths
  • Franklins
  • Bi Lo
  • Big W
  • Kmart